all boobs are good boobs

all stomachs are good stomachs

all thighs are good thighs 

all bodies are good bodies

yes yours, too, and don’t you forget it

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Sup! heres the video for the song Go that me and blood diamonds wrote :) co directed by me and my brother mac

It’s supposed to be dante’s inferno (abstractly), different layers of hell etc. super visually inspired by like x men, metal gear, dune. haha, maybe thats too all over the place and doesn’t make sense, but yea, enjoy!

also special thanks to everyone in it: blood diamonds, david hayter (for doing the crazy voice @ the beginning), and the dancers (Nicki, natsuki, hana and rey!)


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let me just say a few things about ‘all about that bass’ real quick

  1. it’s a song about body positivity and we don’t get many of those so can we just take that into consideration please
  2. i know people are kicking off about her using the phrase “skinny bitches” but she does follow it up with "no, i’m just playing i know you think you’re fat / but i’m here to tell you that / every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top"  she’s taken an insult commonly given to slim women and basically a said so what if you are skinny/skinny but you think you’re fat, YOU’RE STILL PERFECT 
  3. i’ve seen shit loads of people saying it makes them feel more confident, and slim women get a ton of media reinforcing the idea that their body is perfect anyway

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"Girl Power!Live in Istanbul" + Scary Spice Horns

You know what? The Spice Girls were really freaking cool.

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Just saying…

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Don’t take this super seriously, but here’s some tips on boobs and ladies.


Don’t take this super seriously, but here’s some tips on boobs and ladies.

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